Yoga workshops

Salute the Sun and International Day of Yoga with Colour Yoga™

Summer Solstice is a time for renewal and celebration. A time to look at the pure relationship of the self and the soul! The changing of the seasons is one of the few natural phenomenon that marks the passing of time. Connect to your yoga practice and inner yogi while finding balance in yourself and  a deeper connection with the sun and the changing of the seasons. 

In this Colour Yoga class we will go back to basics to where we all began .. Sun Salutations! After a few rounds of Sun salutations we will spice up our yoga practice with an energising yoga sequences to leave your body and soul feeling refresh, revived and coloured! 

We will end our practice with a gentle meditation to connect with our Sun and Inner Yogi. We will use our time together to tune into the energy of the season which will leave us feeling ready to embark upon this next chapter of the year.

Yogis of all ages are welcome to come and celebrate light and the longest day of the year. All you need is water and a mat!

*Due to limited availability all ticket sales are final. Partial refunds may be available if contacted before 48 hours of the event.